It is my pleasure to write this testimonial on behalf of Paige Stetson and her excellent work as an interventionist.  Paige was recommended to me through the Center for Hope and Renewal in Greenwich, CT.  Through her patience, caring demeanor and expertise she navigated my family through a very difficult time in our lives.  When we met with Paige, we were not all in agreement that an intervention was the best move for my sister.  Paige quickly assessed the players and their emotional involvement/detachment and was able to bring everyone to the same conclusion: do the intervention.
Paige and her knowledge of the facts on alcoholism and drug addiction helped level the emotions in the room and empower us all with information.  Being a participant in the intervention itself was an amazing experience.  Paige worked with a group of friends and family members on their letters.  She set the seating stage in the room perfectly.  Although the process was wrought with emotion, we had all been so well prepared that the addict reacted almost as if on cue.  The intervention was a success.
Paige and her research and knowledge of treatment facilities made us all comfortable with the next steps.  Paige’s services went so far as to chaperone my sister to treatment.  She was diligent and caring and her follow-up was thoughtful and complete.
As a testament to her excellent capabilities, I have recommended Paige’s intervention services to other friends and my sister, now in recovery, has been in touch with her for her advice on doing an intervention for one of her friends.
In closing, Paige is professional, knowledgeable, thoughtful, caring and dedicated.  We are truly fortunate to have benefitted from her expertise.

Kathy C.
Greenwich, CT


I am writing this testimonial letter for Paige Stetson. I had the pleasure of working with Paige in April 2010. Paige was referred to me by an addiction specialist.  I was looking for an interventionist and Paige was highly recommended.
Paige was very friendly and took the time to explain an intervention to me and all the important steps which needed to be taken for it to work properly. She was very helpful with the whole process from beginning with the initial meeting, the writing of the letters to the end setting up the rehab with all the information so my husband had a place to go to on the day of the intervention.

She followed through very thoroughly. Our family situation was a very difficult one. It needed immediate attention and Paige helped us immediately. Some of the family members were very difficult to deal with during this process but Paige was very professional, spiritually supportive, and firm but loving. She helped them with understanding addiction, letting go of their own anger, and opening up to speak from the so the intervention would work.
Paige recommended treatment in Pennsylvania which he completed.  My spouse has been in recovery now for over 3 years.  My family and I are all so grateful to Paige for all her hard work, dedication, compassion, professionalism, and love which she showed us during this difficult time in our lives.

Enza B.
Trumbull, CT


I live in Florida and hired Paige Stetson, LPC, to do an Intervention for my husband, Joseph, who is a high profile 48 year old alcoholic working in the financial markets in NYC, and whose health has deteriorated gravely in the last couple of years.  We thought he might be headed towards an untimely death unless we attempted to do something.  Paige was recommended to me from another family who had used her services with their loved one and had been successful.
I called her on a Friday afternoon and the Intervention took place in NYC on the following Monday, 3 days later.  Paige was able to pull together a group of 7 people who were influencers of and influential in my husband’s life.  Her approach was crisp, organized, and she was at ease being in charge of a room of Wall Street people who are type A+ personalities, as well as bringing together family members who did not know the others before the Intervention.  Paige had no difficulties in managing a group with difficult and unusual dynamics who had never taken part in an intervention and at times challenged Paige’s  decisions and direction.

She had us write letters and coached us in what and how to deliver our messages, so the event was highly orchestrated.  We were able to pull off all the details of making it work and my husband agreed to go to rehab in Florida.  Paige accompanied him on this trip to make sure he got there safely.  I have never been part of an Intervention before, but we could never have been successful without her professionalism guiding us.  I would highly recommend hiring Paige for any family in need of an Interventionist.  She was thorough and remained in frequent contact with me and my husband for a number of weeks post-rehab.  I am very appreciative of her services and will keep her number close by in case I encounter another person in need of being referred to an Interventionist

Ashley M.
W. Palm Beach, Fl.


I don't know all the details of how we found you. Whatever, it was our lucky day. I'm exhausted from all that happened today but I can't rest until I tell you how grateful I am about how smoothly things moved along. Yeah, I know for sure you've done all this before and, yeah, you had us all figured out. You're really good at what you do. It did seem as if Chris was relieved to be given this chance to get well. However this turns out, I needed to tell you that I'll remember you always and be grateful for your professionalism and your caring.&

Grandma Jean
Westerly, RI


Dear Paige,

I want to thank you today by writing this testimonial regarding the 6 week journey we have been on.  I don't remember the exact day we first spoke, but never did I imagine the next month and a half would unfold the way it did. John was released from his most recent stay in the hospital in the middle of a nasty blizzard. I had spent the previous 24 hours naively trying to figure out how to keep him in the hospital until his friends could figure out what to do.  Pretty arrogant to think we might actually have a plan if we just had an additional 24 or 48 hours. It was such a frustrating experience. I came home that night, hugged my wife and kids a little longer than usual, lit a fire and thanked God for all that he had provided me.  A group of us were texting each other all night and all I could think of was what the heck are we going to do now?   Clueless, I just started calling people I know and eventually and gratefully, through the professional network of others in this field, found my way to Paige Stetson & Associates.

As I think back to all the conversations we had about how we were going to pull this off given the medical, financial, legal, and logistical challenges, all I can do is laugh.  But each scramble, each dead end, each alternative option brought us closer and closer to a place that would really work.  You brought structure, understanding and guidance when we needed it the most.  I feel as if you were analyzing us up to the last minute to get it just right, and you did.  In the end, due to all the preparation and planning, the actual intervention itself appeared almost easy.

I can't imagine the hell John must have been living these past few years, particularly the last 12 months. It was really fun to receive texts from him after the intervention as he was escorted to rehab. I sensed relief and that in itself makes me happy.  I know this is just the beginning and that there's still a lot of wood to chop.  But I take some solace in that he is at least finding momentary peace, peace that you were able to help us provide
Thank you for all that you did.

Steve, Philly, PA

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

When we came to the realization that our son had an addiction problem, we were faced with many choices. We were emotionally drained and questioning ourselves at every turn. We knew we needed help separating the addiction from the child and guidance with the process of securing professional help for our son.  Intervention seemed to be our only hope and we knew the selection of an Interventionist was vital to us being successful. When we were referred to Paige, she brought a colleague and met with us right away.  It was evident that they had a breadth of experience, knew what we were going through, and had the ability to make us feel at ease. Their passion for helping families like us was woven within our meetings. Their approach of Love and their gentle but honest manner spoke to us.  We always knew that love would be the answer versus threats and bribes. Once hired to do the Intervention, Paige's process was methodical and they were available to us at all times. Having someone objective but knowledgeable was key for us.

We were coached throughout the process, even in deciding which of the individuals proposed to be part of the Intervention made sense to include. Writing letters that convey the right tone is a finely honed skill they assisted greatly with. They helped us transform into a treatment team with a unified voice.  And of equal importance, they helped us select the right treatment facility after a thorough process of assessing our son's needs, our budget, his addiction profile, age, history, and personality.  This process is done for each client in order to select a facility from a nationwide database that seems most appropriate for a successful outcome.
After a difficult but successful Intervention, Our son was transported to a treatment facility out West. Paige’s services include ongoing professional follow up with the therapist at the facility and with us personally. An aftercare plan was agreed upon, but our son skipped out on his secondary treatment. They helped us get him home with a loving and successful strategy.  Our son agreed to work with one of Paige’s case managers and attend a local IOP.  Having him work through his secondary treatment at home can be challenging at times.  But the case manager has created a personalized schedule for our son and counseled him in a very personal way into the state of recovery.  Because of this, as well as a great deal of parental coaching, our family has become closer and our son has been able to transition back into school and life with us by his side.  It is great to have our son healthy and working towards a positive future. Thank you Paige & Associates for your professional guidance in making this possible.

George and Mary V.
Wilton, CT


Last year, our daughter was a senior in high school and it seemed like the wheels of her life were just falling off.  She had managed to get through high school and to even graduate with her class.  But we knew something was seriously wrong with Kelly.  She had seen a psychiatrist in her sophomore year, but said it had not helped her and so she stopped going.  We knew she had been smoking pot and didn't know if maybe there were pills involved as well.  We were not happy with many of the friends she hung out with and she was isolating more and more from us as a family.  But as parents of a teenager, we just attributed it to a phase or stage, to the surge of hormones causing confusion in her actions and moods, and to being influenced by her peers, which we hoped would stop when she left for college in the fall.  After a difficult summer, none of this became possible, as her behavior became more angry towards us, more unpredictable, and the job she had lined up lasted only 3 weeks before she left, saying her boss (like many others before) was just too unreasonable.   We were lucky enough to talk to some folks in our hometown in Texas who had a son who had gone through something similar.  Through them, we were directed to a website that made my husband and I make a call.  As soon as we connected with Paige Stetson & Associates we felt like we'd found someone who truly understood, gave us hope again, and would guide us towards appropriate help and care.  Paige took so much time to meet with us and learn about what we had been experiencing with Kelly.  She was professional, caring, directive, and really knew her stuff.  Paige put together a plan of action that led to an intervention with Kelly. We couldn't believe it played out as we had all hoped and that Kelly was willing to go for treatment. Paige had it all lined up and they left for treatment that day.  My husband and I, as well as our other sons, breathed a sigh of relief when Kelly left to be in the hands of competent professionals and begin her journey of healing. I can't say enough about the value Paige Stetson & Associates added to our lives and the feelings of being lost in the woods, not knowing where to go.  I am writing this testimonial because if you are in a similar situation to ours, not knowing where to go or who to call, Paige will offer you a well thought out plan and put you at ease during a very stressful time.  Her  knowledge of psychiatric conditions as well as her knowledge of substance abuse was what made her insights so valuable.  We are and always will be so grateful for having found the right person to guide us through this very trying and complicated time.  Thank you, Paige!
Emily D.
Dallas, TX